Car Parking Arrangements from Sunday 16 February 2020 onwards

We believe that God is bringing us into an exciting new season at New Life where we will experience a fresh outpouring of his Spirit among us. Just like when the children of Israel entered the land God had promised them, there will also be challenges to overcome.

After many years there are going to be some significant changes to the Sunday car parking arrangements at New Life, which may initially be a challenge to some!

Jubilee Bridge Car Park For many years Croydon Council have kindly provided us with heavily discounted parking rates in the Jubilee Bridge Car Park. New Life has covered the cost of the discounted permits, so that those attending our Sunday morning meetings have been able to display a permit and park for free.   The council have advised us that due to increased demand for spaces in this car park, including from other local churches, they are no longer able to continue to provide us with discounted parking in this car park. The present arrangement finished last Sunday so from this Sunday 16 February everyone will need to pay the full rates to park in the car park. If you don’t pay, you are likely to get a fine which you will need to pay!

The current rates to park in this car park are:

1-2 hours: £2.60
2-3 hours: £3.90

New Life Car Parks

Car parking in New Life’s own car parks (the main car park entered from Cairo New Road and the playground entered from Ruskin Road) will now be strictly limited to only:

  1. Those people serving at both services;
  2. Disabled drivers displaying a blue badge; or
  3. Volunteers on the rota who transport elderly or disabled people to and from the services.

People who are authorized under the foregoing criteria will be issued with a specific permit.

If you do not have a permit, please do not attempt to park in either of New Life’s car parks.  Both car parks will be attended by volunteers and please be gracious to them and follow their guidance.  The gates to both car parks will be closed and locked when the car parks are full.  The roadway between New Life and the new housing development must be kept clear at all times and is not available for parking. Please do not park outside and obstruct the gates.

If you are brought to the services by minicab, please ask the driver to drop you under the flyover and walk back.  However, if you have mobility difficulties and need to be dropped at the door, please ask your driver to be patient whilst the attendants open the gates.

On-street parking

There is pay and display parking available in neighbouring streets (e.g. Drayton Road and Ruskin Road) at a cost of £3.30 for all day (8am to midnight).

Centrale Car Park

New Life has been able to negotiate reduced rate car parking for its attendees in the Centrale car park for £3 for up to 3 hours for either of its morning services. This will be available from this Sunday 16th February.

Specific arrangements for reduced rate parking in the Centrale car park:

  1. Drivers should enter the car park and take a ticket at the barrier in the usual way.
  2. The 3-hour parking session commences upon entry.
  3. The driver must then present the ticket to a ‘validation’ reader that will be located on the Welcome Desk in New Life. The ticket can be validated at any time within the three hours, and will then qualify for the reduced rate.
  4. The driver returns to the car park and pays for his ticket before exiting. Provided the ticket is paid for within 3 hours from the time of entry, the reduced rate will be applied.
  5. If the 3-hour session is exceeded, then the excess time will be charged at the usual, higher rate.

Thanks for your cooperation

An increasing number of people coming to New Life are choosing to use public transport and are telling us that it can be quicker and less stressful than coming by car. We appreciate that not everyone is able to do this but would ask you to consider this option if you are able to do so.

Please note that the car park at the old school in Drayton Road is NOT available to New Life members. The building is now being used by our friends from Praise House church who need their car park.

We appreciate that this is a significant change for us all, having enjoyed the blessing of ‘free’ parking in Jubilee Bridge Car Park for many years. However, we would encourage you to embrace the change, and overcome the challenge as we come into this new season of God’s blessing.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them by email to John Dutton (Head of Operations) at