As elders we wanted to pass on some information to you as to “where we are at” as a church. What we are going to say is pretty obvious and some of you will have heard it already but we thought it would be good to repeat it.

We are in a period of change at New Life. Of our 21 elders, a number are in their late sixties or seventies. Some of these “elder statesmen” have been part of the church for well over 40 years and have had a high profile in terms of preaching/teaching and the leading/coordinating of worship.

Obviously no one can go on forever so currently we are engaged in a process of transitioning to a new generation of leaders and preachers. In terms of preaching we are trying to recognise gifting and give opportunity to younger speakers to develop and gain experience. In terms of praise and worship, James Beatt has succeeded David Fellowes as Music Director with responsibility for overseeing and developing this aspect of the life of the church. This process of change does not mean that the “older elders” will cease to be involved at all but it does mean that they will have less of a public profile.

We recognise that change is never easy. Most of us don’t care for it very much but, as someone said, “change is here to stay”. In fact, change has to happen if the church is to continue to grow and develop in future years. However, we have never faced this situation as a church before and there is no manual or blueprint to follow. We are praying and trusting God for his wisdom and help.

Our vision is that, by God’s grace, New Life will go on to greater and greater things. We believe that as a church our best years lie ahead and that the Lord has good things for us. Our message to you is the one Moses gave to his father-in- law in Numbers 10:29: “… we are setting out for the place of which the Lord said “I will give it to you”; come with us and we will do you good for the Lord has promised good concerning (New Life)”.

Please be patient and gracious with us during this time – we know you will be. And please pray for us as elders. These things are not simple and straightforward but GOD IS WITH US! At the end of the day, New Life is HIS church and he WILL build it for his glory.

If you have any questions about anything that has been said, please don’t hesitate to raise them with one of the elders.

The Elders

May 2018